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Track-Style Enclosures

The DoorWorks Track-Style Enclosure is designed to fit perfectly under the roof of your golf cart using easy to install pre-drilled awning track. Made for 2, 4 and 6 Passenger Carts (See full list below).This is the best awning track cover on the market and is designed for almost all EZ-GO, Club Car, Star Car and Yamaha Golf Carts.

Key Features

  • 2 ways to install: Front Roof Support Wraps (No Drill!) or  Pre-Installed Snaps.
  • No windshield removal required!
  • Curved heavy duty zippered doors for wider openings.
  • Includes Patent Pending Interchangeable / Removable Valance (2 Sides and Rear).
  • High quality 20 gauge clear vinyl windows.
  • Curved zippered door openings for easier entry and exit from the cart
  • Roll-up doors, quarter panels and back panel.
  • Sunbrella / Fabritec SDA standard colors: Jet Black, Wheat, Linen, Blue, Red, Burgundy & Green.
  • Marine Grade Vinyl standard colors: Tan, Black and White.
  • Last but not least – every cover includes the DoorWorks 3-Year Warranty
Every enclosure package includes:
  • 2 Side Curtains
  • 1 Rear Curtain
  • Pre-drilled Awning Tracks
  • Front Roof Support Wraps
  • Includes Patent Pending Interchangeable / Removable Valance (2 Sides and Rear).
  • All the Hardware required to install.

Fabrics and Color Options

Sunbrella/Fabritec SDA: Wheat, Linen, Forest Green, Red, Burgundy, Navy Blue and Jet Black.

Marine Grade Vinyl:  Tan, White, Black.

Models Supported

2 Passenger

  • Club Car Precedent / Onward / Tempo
  • Club Car Carry All 300/500
  • Club Car Carry All / Turf 2
  • Club Car DS 2000+
  • Club Car DS Pre2000
  • Cushman Hauler 2017+
  • EZGO TXT (1994-2013)
  • EZGO TXT (2014+)
  • Icon I20
  • Yamaha Drive and Drive 2
  • Yamaha G14-19

4 Passenger 80" Extended Roof

  • Club Car Precedent
  • Club Car Onward / Tempo
  • Club Car DS 2000+
  • Club Car DS Pre2000
  • EZGO TXT (1994-2013)
  • EZGO TXT (2014+)
  • Zone / Star Car
  • Yamaha Drive and Drive 2

6 Passenger 112"-116" Extended Roof

  • Club Car Precedent 6
  • Club Car Villager 6
  • Club Car Transporter 6
  • EZGO Cushman | Shuttle 6
  • Cushman 6
  • Yamaha Drive 6

Choose from a Solid or Striped Valance

Includes a patented interchangeable / removable valance (2 Sides and Rear). Mix and match patterns to get the perfect look for your golf cart.

2 easy options for install. Wrap or Snap!


  1. WRAPS – This no drill option simply wraps around the front roof supports and is used to secure the front of the cover to the cart. No need to drill and can be removed at the end of the season.

2) SCREW SNAPS- Using the pre-installed snaps in the cover you can attach the cover directly to the front roof supports using the provided screw snaps.

Must Have Accessories

WindSeal Kit. Wind-Proof Your Cart

The WindSeal kit is designed to fit snug above AND below the windshield to stop any drafts or cold air that may get through. Each cart model has a custom design to ensure the WindSeal Kit fits snug. They install quickly and work great.

The WindSeal Kit will come in the same material and color as the Enclosure.   

DryClub Canopy Club Cover

The DryClub Canopy attaches to the back of the cart to protect your golf clubs from the elements. Designed to work with or without an enclosure, it simply installs to the back of the cart with no drilling required.

When not in use it will fold up and out of the way.

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