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Hinged DoorWorks Enclosure Accessories

WindSeal Kit. Wind-Proof Your Cart.

The DoorWorks WindSeal kit is designed to fit snug above and below the windshield to eliminate drafts and cold air that may get through. Each golf cart model has a custom design ensure a snug fit. They install quickly and work great. Available in Vinyl and Sunbrella and matches the color of the enclosure.

DoorGuards. Avoid Wear and Tear.

In high wind situations an unclosed DoorWorks Enclosure door can be slammed against the rear tire area. This can cause the tire to rub against the fabric and leave a mark. DoorGuards take care of this issue. Installation is simply attaching the DoorGuards to the door frame after fabric installation. After years of testing, there have been NO issues of tire rub when the DoorGuards are installed on the golf cart.

Rubber Weather Stripping. Seal the Doors.

The Velcro backed rubber strips seal the gaps between the Door Frames and the Door Posts creating a water/air barrier in the gap naturally created by the doors.

DryClub Canopy. Protect Your Clubs.

The DryClub Golf Club Canopy is a cover that attaches to the back of the cart to protect your golf clubs from the elements. Designed to work with or without an enclosure, it simply installs to the back of the cart with no drilling required. Available in Vinyl and Sunbrella Colors to match the color of the enclosure.