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Colors & Fabrics

DoorWorks Enclosures are available in 2 great fabrics, Marine Grade Vinyl and Sunbrella Canvas. Both of these fabrics are extremely durable and will provide many years of quality performance. They are both easy to clean and nearly maintenance free. A water hose from time to time will keep your Enclosure looking new for many years.

Marine Grade Vinyl - is an extremely durable fabric that is virtually impossible to tear. It is a "rip-stop" fabric. It is the least expensive choice of fabric in our line - but don't let the price fool you. Being our very first product fabric - this vinyl looks great and lasts a long time!

Sunbrella Canvas - The leading fabric manufacturer for the outdoor furniture industry - is by far - the most popular choice of our customers. Sunbrella is a cloth fabric and provides a very impressive look and feel to the Enclosure.

Special colors are available at an additional charge.


DoorWorks Hinged Doors & 3-Sided Over the Top


DoorWorks Track Style (2, 4, 6 & 8 Passenger)