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DoorWorks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosures

 It is time for a DoorWorks Hinged Door Enclosure

DoorWorks Hinged Door Enclosure are made to fit carts with Golf Bag set up, Rear Facing Seat or a Utility Box with no customization. The patent hinged door solution makes getting in and out of the golf cart very easy.

DoorWorks are available in Vinyl and Sunbrella and will fit 2, 4, 6 and even 8 Passenger carts. Made for popular models including AdvancedEV, Club Car, Evolution, EZGO, ICON, Yamaha and more.

The removable hinged doors include Zippers in door windows and rear window!

Top Features of the DoorWorks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosure

DoorWorks Hinged Door Installation Videos

Club Car Precedent / Onward / Tempo


Yamaha Drive and Drive 2

See the full list of carts with pictures here.


  • Versatile Hinged Doors: The DoorWorks doors can be lock closed, locked open with the "Over-the-Top" stand out latches, or removed all together.
  • Zippered in Hinged Doors: The hinged door enclosure has Zippered windows in doors and rear window!
  • Constructed From High Grade Material: The frame is made of heavy duty powder coated aluminum, guaranteed to never rust. The fabric is constructed of high grade marine Vinyl or Sunbrella awning grade canvas.
  • 3-Year Warranty: DoorWorks are covered by an unmatched 3 year warranty. The warranty covers the entire frame and fabric for up to 3 years.
  • Easy to Install: The enclosures can be installed in less than 3 hours and require only basic hand tools. The best part is there is no drilling on almost every cart and install time is fast.
  • Extends the Golfing Season: DoorWorks golf cart covers are a great golf cart accessory to add to a personal golf cart especially for those who want to play in the colder months. At certain times of the year, the weather can become quite cold, with an enclosure like this the season can be extended into the colder months because the player and cart will be protected.

DoorWorks Golf Cart Enclosures have been custom designed for almost every type of golf cart on the market.

DoorWorks golf cart covers are made for popular brand name carts like EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Icon, AdvancedEv and more

Finally, DoorWorks covers are manufactured for 2, 4, 6 and even 8 passenger golf carts like the Club Car Villager or the EZGO Shuttle 8. 



See the full list of carts with pictures here

2 Passenger

  • Club Car Precedent / Onward / Tempo
  • Club Car DS 2000+
  • Club Car DS Pre2000
  • Club Car Carry All 300/500
  • Club Car Carry All 502
  • Cushman Hauler 2017+
  • EZGO TXT (1994-2013)
  • EZGO TXT (2014+)
  • Icon I20
  • Advanced EV - EV1
  • AdvancedEV - Advent
  • Evolution 2 Pro / Classic
  • Yamaha UMAX
  • Yamaha Drive & Drive 2

4 Passenger with Extended Roof

  • Club Car Precedent
  • Club Car Onward
  • Icon I40
  • Advanced EV - EV1
  • AdvancedEV - Advent
  • Evolution 4 Pro / Classic
  • Yamaha Drive & Drive 2

6 Passenger 112-120" Roofs

  • Club Car Precedent 6
  • Club Car Onward 6
  • Club Car Transporter 6
  • Club Car Villager 6
  • EZGO Cushman | Shuttle 6
  • EZGO Cushman 2021+
  • ICON I60
  • Yamaha Drive & Drive 2

8 Passenger Roofs

  • Club Car Transporter 8
  • Club Car Villager 8 - Pre2022
  • Club Car Villager 8 - 2022+
  • EZGO Shuttle | Cushman
  • Yamaha Concierge 8


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