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About DoorWorks Enclosures

DoorWorks Enclosures, based out of St. Louis, MO, is a leading innovator and manufacturer of golf cart covers and enclosures. We understand the needs of Golfers, Businesses, Universities and anyone else seeking year round protection from the elements for themselves and their golf carts. Dealers everywhere are teaming up with DoorWorks to offer many great products: DoorWorks Hinged Door Enclosures, 4-Sided Universal Covers, Covers, 3-Sided Fitted "Over the Top" Covers and many more. See below for a breakdown of some of the products we offer.  

Hinged-Door Enclosures

DoorWorks Hinged Door Enclosures, the golf cart cover with doors, is known for being the most durable and long-lasting enclosure on the market. The patented hinged door solution makes getting in and out of the golf cart very easy. DoorWorks are available in Vinyl and Sunbrella and will fit 2, 4, 6 and even 8 Passenger Club Car, EZGO, Star Car and Yamaha golf carts.

Hinged Door Gallery

  • Versatile Doors- Locked Closed, Locked Open or Remove Completely
  • High Quality Materials- Power-coated high strength Aluminum Frame, Awning Grade Sunbrella or Marine Grade Vinyl
  • 3 Year Warranty- An unmatched 3 year warranty is offered with every enclosure.
  • Easy Installation- The installation ranges from 1 to around 3 hours.
  • No Drilling required on all 2 passenger carts.

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4-Sided "Over the Top" Drivable Cart cover

These portable golf covers are also known throughout the industry as throwovers or drivable golf cart covers which refers to the easy installation and removal of the golf cart cover when you need it. They are made with high grade 20 Gauge Clear Vinyl these covers last for years. We have styles to fit almost every golf cart, from 2 passenger standard roofs up to 80" extended roof.

4-Sided Over the Top Gallery

The DoorWorks driveable 4-Sided "Over the Top" comes in 4 styles.
  • Universal Golf Cart Cover (Fits the following)
    • EZGO TXT
    • EZGO RXV
    • Club Precedent
    • Club Car DS Pre2000
    • Club Car DS 2000+
    • Star Car
    • Yamaha G14-G19
    • Yamaha G22 (GMAX)
  • Club Car Precedent Fitted (Only)
  • Yamaha Drive Fitted (Only)
  • 4 Passenger with 80" Extended Roofs
  • Protection from Rain, Wind and Cold Weather.
  • Roll Up Doors- Easy to roll up zippered doors.
  • Easy Installation and Portable- Every cover comes with a sleek carrying case and can install in minutes.
  • Visibility- Clear 360 degree views through the 20 gauge clear.
  • Removable Front Windshield.
  • Dual Zipper Back Window- Adjust back window to desired opening for easy access to clubs and basket.
  • 3 Year Warranty.

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3-Sided Fitted "Over the Top"

The DoorWorks 3-Sided golf cart cover is a fitted design made to fit specific golf carts and is make is not fade, no-rip material. Every model is also available in a straightback option. Straightback options are made for golf carts with Utility Boxes and Rear Facing Seats. Carts with Box and Seat

Straightback 3-Sided

Golf 3-Sided

It is available in Sunbrella and Vinyl just like the DoorWorks and is designed to protect the driver and cart from the elements by resisting stains, mildew and is easy to clean.


3-Sided Fitted "Over the Top" Gallery

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